Septic Tank replacement: We dig up and replace damaged or out dated tanks.

Tank baffle repair replacement: Tank Baffles are very important to the operation of your septic system. Often while inspecting or pumping tanks the baffles are found to be defective or missing in older tanks. It is very important to have this repaired right away to minimize damage to the effluent disposal area.

Repairs to broken or crushed pipes: Often pipes running under driveways or lawns were not designed for heavy loads and become crushed from vehicular traffic.

Install Risers: For easier access to the tank or service the pump station we recommend the installation of tank risers. These should be installed in situations where the top of the tank is greater then 6 inches below the surface of the ground.

Filter installation or maintenance: Filters protect the effluent disposal area. However they do require maintenance. Cleaning should be done annually. We can provide the annual filter cleaning service for you. Or install a filter if you do not already have one.

Septic System Repair and Replacement: Should your effluent disposal area become damaged or in need of replacement we are licensed to provide that service for you as well.