Video Inspections & System Evaluation

At Freihofer Septic Design we provide an evaluation rather than an inspection of a septic system.

Evaluation for Septic Solution

Aside from real estate evaluations we provide evaluations (septic system Inspection) tailored to a specific problem that you might be having with your septic system. The result being a repair or a septic solution to resolve your issue. Please give us a call and we would be happy to evaluate your system based upon the problems you are experiencing.

Evaluations for Real Estate

We provide septic system evaluations for real estate transactions. A typical evaluation for a previously occupied property would include the following:

  • Review the existing septic plan
  • Inspection of the septic tank, septic tank inlet and outlet pipes, baffles, filter, pumps and controls.
  • Pumping the tank is recommended during the evaluation for a complete inspection.
  • Check the pipes leading from the basement to the septic system
  • Review all items connected to the septic system
  • Dig by hand shovel down to the distribution box and remove top for inspection.
  • Dig test hole into the drain field for inspection of the soil
  • Write up field report and submit to client.